Stories of Change: Mihret

Mihret came to one of our partner organizations when she was 3 years old after having lost her mother to HIV/AIDS.  Mihret lives with her father in a small single room in Addis Ababa. Both of them are HIV+ and on antiretroviral drugs. Mihret worries a lot that she will lose her father like she lost her mother.

Mihret is 6 now and in first grade. She loves school and playing games with her friends. Thanks to support from our sponsorship program, Mihret now has food, shelter, clothing, school fees and materials, and a school uniform, as well as access to additional programs that will support her as she gets older.

Mirhet enjoys the Youth Center’s Saturday program and is already reciting the ABC’s in English at every opportunity. She tells us that when she grows up, she wants to be a doctor so that she can help people who are sick like her father.