Become A Volunteer

Our work has been successful thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers. There’s always more to be done and we hope that you will join us!

  • Host a dinner party to spread the word about HFCF and raise funds
  • Organize a bake sale and donate the proceeds to HFCF
  • Donate your time and talents to the HFCF office
  • Serve as a volunteer at an HFCF event
  • Start a HFCF chapter or club in your city
  • Travel with us to Ethiopia to volunteer with our local partners

Please contact us at to explore current volunteer opportunities.

Now in our second decade of work in Ethiopia, we have created lasting change for children and families affected by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. We identify, fund, and strengthen community-based organizations in Addis Ababa that support the education, health, and resilience of vulnerable children.