Scholarships – Preparing for the future

For many of the youth we support, the end of sponsorship and school is a terrifying prospect. The scholarship programs we support enable youth to successfully navigate this transition.

The Hope For Children Fund supports vocational scholarships for older youth who are interested in pursuing training that can help them find jobs. Students participate in vocational programs ranging from construction to food preparation to hairdressing. Our scholarship program also offers financial aid to students who are attending university, private college or university preparatory school. Our local partners work hard to ensure that our students have the support and skills they will need to become confident and successful adults.

With the generous support of The Batonga Foundation in Washington, DC, the Hope For Children Fund was recently able to support scholarships for 60 students.


Scholarship Spotlight

We first met Helen the year after our founding as we embarked on a summer English program with one of our local partners. Helen lost both of her parents at an early age and was living in a group home run by our partner.

Helen, then a friendly 9-year-old, spoke almost no English. From the start, though, you could see the determination in her eyes. Helen became a regular at one of the Youth Centers, rapidly progressing up the levels of instruction. You can imagine our pleasure when Helen came running up to us at our next visit, exclaiming, “Look, I can speak English now!”

Thanks to a grant from the Batonga Foundadtion, Helen attended a private high school. Due to her excellent results on the national exams, Helen is studying engineering at Gondor University. She spends much of her free time volunteering at the Youth Center which is like a home to her and is a wonderful role model for the students following her.